Neither Venom nor the Green Goblin: this was the Marvel character that most disappointed Stan Lee

The Marvel Cinematic Universe had the enormous responsibility of adapting the iconic comics to the cinema. He did it under the watchful eye of Stan Lee, creator of many of the most famous iconic characters. While for the fans there were practically no cracks, for the writer there was one figure in particular who disappointed him and recognized him in 2016. Who is he?

History also marks that before the current operation of the MCU, films existed very far from what is seen today. For example, the 1988 version of Venom: Let There Be Carnage movie Thor that appeared in the television movie The Return of the Incredible Hulk. Actor Eric Allan Kramer was responsible for such an unremarkable performance.

However, when Stan Lee was asked in 2016 about his biggest disappointment in cinema, he did not hesitate. “I was a little disappointed in the first Fantastic Four because they portrayed Doctor Doom in a way that the character didn’t interest me,” he told Comic Book Resources two years before his death at 95.

In the 2005 film, it was Australian Julian McMahon who played Doctor Doom. Although it was not to the taste of the writer, the artist was recognized for his work with an Award for Choice Movie Villain. Certainly the discontent was serious because he only returned to be part of Marvel in the sequel Silver Surfer (2007).