How much money does he have and what is Tom Hardy spending it on, the most anticipated superhero movie villain of 2021

The most anticipated movie releases experience a loop of delays that exasperates eager fans. One of the most anticipated Marvel films, starring Tom Hardy, has once again postponed its arrival on the big screen in Spain. It is the sequel to the antihero Venom, Venom: There will be Matanza, which from having its premiere scheduled in October 2020 was announced for June of this year, and has finally been scheduled for next October to coincide with the new installment of Fast and Furious, in what will be a full-fledged box office duel.

British actor Tom Hardy has made Venom one of the touchstones that have made his fortune reach a figure Venom: Let There Be Carnage movie of around 45 million dollars. Despite the fact that the first installment of Venom (2018), was intended to pass without much glory, its collection surprised reaching, according to Box Office Mojo, 856 million dollars compared to the film’s budget of around 100 million dollars.

Tom Hardy charged for playing Eddie Brock, Venom’s alter ego (or host), about 7 million dollars at a time when the negotiation should not have been very flattering since Marvel rescued a character that appeared for the first time in Spider- Man 3 (2007) played by Topher Grace.

Taking into account that that installment of Spider-Man is one of the worst rated of the character, the Venom project could easily derail within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is intuited that Hardy’s negotiation for his participation in Venom 2, facing Woody Harrelson in the role of Carnage, must have been very profitable for the actor.

For any Hollywood actor, landing a starring role in a superhero movie may not have been his dream goal of enrolling in Dramatic Arts, but it is certainly a financial boost to his account. At the top of the franchises that pay the most are MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), DC or Fast & Furious, entering one of the three can skyrocket an actor’s fortune quickly, and Tom Hardy has intervened in two of them.

For DC he played the supervillain Bane in The Dark Knight. The Legend Reborn (2012), one of the Batman installments in which Christian Bale plays Bruce Wayne, which grossed nearly $ 450 million, and in which Hardy pocketed $ 2.5 million more incentives.